New Six Degrees Society Course:

How to Build a Passionate Online & Offline Community And Plan A Successful In-Person Event 

Are you ready to be a community leader? To build an active community both online and IRL? Well you've come to the right place. 

After founding Six Degrees Society across 10 markets across the country I recognized how desparetely individuals wanted to keep connecting. That meant continuing the conversation post event in a Facebook community. 

In this 6 week course you'll learn how to build a community from scratch and how to get plan your first event with literally NO BUDGET. 

Sound good? We're launching our 6 week course on February 7th. 

Grab your spot today! 

Here's what I'll be teaching...

Six Degrees Society Facebook Group


Creating an Online Community

With a strong enough brand it's time to create a strong online community. From Facebook groups to an active mailing list. We'll implement techniques to get your community moving and shaking. 

Six Degrees Society


You’ve Built It, Now Get Members  

In this lesson, I'm pulling back the curtain on my own business to show you how I moved beyond social followers to build a list of highly active subscribers in both online and real life. 

How to plan an event


Online to Offline Community: Building An Event  

You did it! You built a thriving online community now it's time to bring this community together IRL through an event. We'll be planning our next event together. So come prepared with an idea and we'll help shape into a reality. 


The $0 Budget Event Planning 

No budget? No problem! I'll show you techniques and tricks that will allow you to plan an event on very minimal budget. Get the templates and techniques I've used to get free event space and products donated for your event.

Planning An event


All The Little Event Details  

What ticketing platform are you using? How are you spreading the word? What's the flow of the event? All of the little questions you aren't prepared to ask will be addressed and answered. We're in this planning process together. 

How to plan an event


An Event Well Planned + Recaping  

Now that you've planned your first event, let's figure out what worked and what didn't work. To make improvements for the next one. Yes, there will be a next one. 


You're in luck! I'm letting the first 4 students in for this special price!

Normal price: $995  

Your price: $850 (for a limited time)